The banking system, suffering from regulatory and other pressures, is simply not nimble enough to serve the borrowing needs of many developers today. This allowed CASCO financial to continually increase its market share year over year.

A carefully designed credit analysis process is used to evaluate a Borrower’s loan application. This determines if their financial health and ability to generate sufficient cash flows to service the debt is assured in case of headwinds from sudden market drops. This is combined with a skillful negotiation of loan-to-value ratios, ensuring there is a cautionary equity cushion built in for the protection of the Investor. These stringent measures mitigate risk levels low enough to be acceptable for conservative Investors who don’t want to expose their nest eggs to undue risk in volatile economic environments.

Once all the i’s are dotted and t‘s are crossed, loans get promptly funded and Deeds of Trust are electronically recorded in the Investor’s name. These granular measures in the vetting process are making Real Estate backed Loans one of the best investment instruments today. Mostly immune from major volatility in financial markets, Trust Deed Investments carry the undisputable advantage of backing by real collateral values, available to take possession of by foreclosure in rather rare situations. With their decades-long background in property management, CASCO financial is well versed in all aspects of foreclosure and safeguarding property values while markets calm down and eventually recuperate and thrive again. 

The winning formula in this business is teamwork: Over time, Investors, Lenders and Borrowers form trust relationships designed to reward all members of a network of collaborators. When these processes are well coordinated, all players benefit from generated profits – enticing the parties to proceed to another project. This is how CASCO financial has been able to put itself on a trajectory of healthy growth and success. Over time, trust forms and deepens with each venture, moving from one gainful transaction to the next. As all involved parties grow familiar with the process, logistics flow easier, allowing for leaner operating costs and better profits. 

Keys to Success

CASCO financial’s Mission today is to create long-term value for clients through high-quality real estate financing services. Built over four decades of experience in real estate, a basis of sound principles and best practices was developed and underlies all business decisions. Pros and cons are always carefully weighed along with obtaining expert input when necessary.

As a leader in alternative real estate financing in the broader Silicon Valley area, the assets under management keep growing steadily. The birthplace of the digital revolution in the 1990s provides a great environment to adopt a shift from paper-based document processing to much more efficient electronic solutions. This results in a leaner and more transparent administrative environment, much appreciated by clients and partners.

In a lending industry that is bogged down with expansive documentation mandates and neverending legalistic detail, it is a breath of fresh air to see that most processes can be handled with more ease, clarity and efficiency through a paperless document flow.

CASCO financial offers its clients the use of online portals to track their portfolios and provide a digital vault where all documents are safely archived for easy viewing and download options. All transfers of funds are processed via ACH – eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional methods.

In summary, what evolved over time as a cookie-cutter approach to alternative real estate lending, was continually improved and perfected to what it is today: A model for operating in an underserved market segment, demonstrating how better outcomes can be achieved with less bureaucratic encumbrances, especially the habit of shuffling an array of papers.

As opportunities may pop up for Borrowers on short notice, it is essential for them to secure funding before a number of competitors have entered the market to bid up prices.

When loan applications come in, a group of investors often stands by on the Lender side, eager to re-invest money that has been returned to them upon completion of a successful previous loan.

The above factors are the ingredients put together by CASCO financial as their recipe for success.


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Total Loans


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Regular Interest Payments and
strong protection of Principal

Work With Us

We are committed to going the extra mile to assure our investors’ and borrowers’ needs are met. This starts with operational systems that include detailed, clear project documentation, accurate bookkeeping, and timely disbursement of interest payments and loan payoffs.

Our online ACH transfer feature makes it very easy to transfer investment capital into a CASCO escrow account that is used to fund our loans.

Rare occurrences of tardiness in interest payments due us from borrowers are immediately followed up with: An agreement is negotiated by when the borrower will pay the outstanding amount due, with an additional late payment penalty–half of which is passed on to the investor. Our track record shows that this recipe is working well, as all our active loans are current with their interest payments.