Winning Formula

CASCO financial‘s winning formula emerged from the careful cultivation of a fleet of repeat investors. Based on their individual experiences, they firmly placed trust in a business model that produces outcomes as predictably as CASCO’s. – On the Borrower side, clients learned over the years how smooth and easy it is to work with CASCO financial – last but not least because of their clear protocols and prompt execution of sound processes. That leads invariably to repeat business, which over time, allows a nice and steady flow.

We form long-term relationships with Investors

Work With Us

Our Services are for Investors who are seeking a steady monthly income, without putting their principal at undue risk.

While no investment is totally risk-free – our modus operandi is based on sound risk mitigation principles, i.e. our business model is designed for the best possible investor protection.

Properties funded by CASCO financial represent real value,
designed to withstand periodical market fluctuations