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They started four-plus decades ago in the Real Estate Management Environment, before shifting their focus to growing opportunities in selective Real Estate Lending in the greater Silicon Valley area of California.

Tapping into a niche market, where developers ran into increasing obstacles with conventional bank lenders, CASCO financial was able to step in quickly to provide funding. This happened especially when a swift turnaround was required by market forces. Learn more

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As market conditions are shifting, our number of applications to vet for funding are steadily increasing.
Sales continue to slow and bank lending is tightening. Our more innovative model can often offer solutions when others cannot.

A number of attractive opportunities are currently being vetted – Details

Real Estate backed Loans – Trust Deed Investments


CASCO financial provides innovative Financing Solutions for Real Estate Loans that are backed up by typically 50% of equity or better. This implies that the Borrower has significant skin in the game to ensure they are making monthly interest payments as contractually agreed. Should unforeseen circumstances prevent the Borrower from making a scheduled payment, CASCO financial initiates immediate negotiations to represent the interests of the Lender and Investor. Typically these rare occasions are quickly resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. – Learn More