Investor Testimonials

CASCO financial‘s Growth has been an organic process:
Adding one investor at a time, mostly by word of mouth.

Early investors are chiming in below, sharing their reasons
to continue increasing their holdings year-over-year.

Wendi Kenya

Corporate Aviation

“CASCO financial has completely protected my IRA’s and savings accounts from the volatility of today’s stock market.  The safe and consistent returns that CASCO has provided for me over the past two years has allowed me to grow my funds with peace of mind and 100% satisfaction. 

CASCO’s investments create a passive income for me that I never knew was possible.  They are excellent at communicating every detail and thoroughly answering all of my questions.  I highly recommend CASCO financial and don’t know what I would do without them.”

Paul Maples

Company Officer;
Pacific West Lath & Plaster, Inc.

“There are many reasons why I feel secure investing with CASCO financial. To name a few, CASCO produces fantastic returns on investment. Their direct communication and complete transparency keep me up to date at all times. The CASCO support team handles investments, potential investments and expert analysis with unwavering conviction and commitment. With CASCO, you do not have to be a Goliath investor. All reasonable sums invested are treated with the same expert care. The ability to start with moderate investment amounts and grow with time has now made CASCO a major portion of my portfolio.

I continue to invest with CASCO financial because the return of investment has consistently outperformed any other portion of my portfolio. Monthly payments have been 100% on time, even during past and current economic challenges. The CASCO team’s proven diligence in researching potential investments resulting in exceptional growth is outstanding.

Investing my money with CASCO feels secure and allows me to concentrate on doing what I need to without distractions.”

Mark Robards

Founder/Owner, MSR Ventures

“I have been a CASCO  financial investor since March 2016. I was looking for a “safe” investment vehicle that provided a decent return and didn’t require any personal management from me. I have found CASCO financial to be exactly what was needed. 

They offer superb communication, a low-risk investment portfolio offering, and stellar operating efficiencies. For additional funds to invest, all it takes is contacting the company for an overview of what Trust Deed Investments they have available or are working on. This gives me an opportunity to do my own research and pick the investment and the amount to put in a particular loan. These are primarily 1st or 2nd mortgages at 65% or less Loan-to-Value ratios located in or around the Silicon Valley.

The monthly interest is being transferred automatically into my bank account. Monthly statement are emailed out the day before the transfer, containing the details for each loan position.”

 All my holdings can be tracked effortlessly online. The transition from paper documents to paperless processes is one of the strong points to choose CASCO financial. The automation of the operation makes investing that much more simple.

If, for any reason you need to talk or communicate with someone, a representative seems to always be available in minutes, be it by email, text, or phone! – This simply does not exist in many companies today.

Doing business with CASCO has been extremely pleasing: They seem to operate like clockwork, communicate extremely well, and provide a fair return on my investment dollars with minimal risk. That is why I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for this kind of investment. – In fact, both of my children and many of my friends now have investments with them as well! That is the best sign of confidence in an investment.”

Peter Reck

IT Consultant

“High fear levels after losses in financial markets caused me to stop investing – until I came across CASCO financial: Right off the bat I was struck by how well organized this company was. Questions were answered promptly and clearly, and any changes concering my investment were communicated clearly and consistently. It was obvious that their administrative protocols were designed for efficiency and effectiveness. This includes a number of logistical processes, like the signing of loan documents. Recently I learned that they are now recording the Deeds of Trust electronically with the County – a process that used to take weeks, is now handled the same day.

The conversion to paperless document processing brought many advantages, including the archiving of relevant documents in a digital vault with Verifyle.

Recently they even added an option for investors to send their money to fund loans via an ACH connection that is easily accessible right on their website. Payoffs, rollovers from one loan to another, or any other occurring events are promptly and clearly communicated – which builds confidence and trust, which is consolidated over the years of history together.

After 6 years of flawless performance it dawned on me that I had finally found a solution to the dilemma of how to grow my assets in zero percent interest environment at risk levels I could sleep with easily at night! – Suddenly retirement came into view, and an increasing motivation to increase the number of real estate backed loans with CASCO financial

These are some of the compelling reasons that motivate me to grow my assets by investing with CASCO, and stay ahead of inflation eating into my nestegg. On the contrary, even in today’s volatile and insecure environment in financial markets – CASCO’s recipe remains successful and provides the protection I need to sleep well.”