Loan Funding continued

Investor Selection 

Whenever possible, investor preferences are taken into account when participation in new loans is offered. Over the years, CASCO has picked up on how to best serve individual investors. Not all loans are equally suited to all types of investors, which is why a measured, customized approach is conducive to achieving the best outcomes for all involved parties. 

Project Representation

CASCO financial continually presents new projects in an “at-a-glance” fashion, allowing the reader to quickly identify the key elements of a potential loan to participate in. This includes most importantly the LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio, which is a key factor for assessing risk. Further, it often includes a brief previous history with a particular Borrower, which also plays a role in an investor’s decision to get in on a particular opportunity.  

Closing Logistics

Once it is established that the borrower’s presented project not only meets CASCO’s stringent requirements but actually perks their ambition to participate as a lender, closing is ready to plan and execute. The recently installed ACH transfer option for investors to send their individual funding portion makes this super easy: With a few clicks the transfer is initiated, and often funds are in CASCO’s escrow account within 2-3 days. 

Transfers of Funds 

Using ACH transfers in both directions, to and from CASCO’s account, there are no more costly delays because of bank floats. Gone are the days of writing checks or scheduling wire transfers with subsequent phone calls from the bank before the money is actually sent. Now funds move with ease, with few logistics and virtually no delays. And best of all, the transfer is free to the investor. 

We form long-term relationships with Investors

Work With Us

Our Services are for Investors who are seeking a steady monthly income, without putting their principal at undue risk.

While no investment is totally risk-free – our modus operandi is based on sound risk mitigation principles, i.e. our business model is designed for the best possible investor protection.

CASCO Financial funded Properties represent real value,
designed to withstand periodical market fluctuations