Risk Mitigation

  • Each dollar invested is backed up by a Deed of Trust, which assures investors unencumbered access to real estate, which is typically valued at about 65% of the total investment
  • The above formula suggests that in rare cases of defaults and subsequent foreclosures, investors obtain title to real estate of significantly higher value than their invested funds

CASCO Financial is uniquely positioned to safeguard properties obtained in foreclosure and put them back on the market in collaboration with the associated investors. Sometimes properties are rented out for short periods while awaiting price levels to return to normal or better, allowing opportunities for additional profits.

Keep in mind though, that the Borrower and the project they are representing are so carefully vetted that investor funds are rarely at risk of being exposed to defaults in interest payments or ultimately foreclosure.

Note that the Deed of Trust is recorded in the Investor’s name, which assures that their investment is secured by collateral with undisputable ownership rights in case of a default.

We form long-term relationships with Investors

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Our Services are for Investors who are seeking a steady monthly income, without putting their principal at undue risk.

While no investment is totally risk-free – our modus operandi is based on sound risk mitigation principles, i.e. our business model is designed for the best possible investor protection.

CASCO Financial funded Properties represent real value,
designed to withstand periodical market fluctuations