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Our Relationships are for the long-term

Work With Us

Our Services are for Investors who are seeking a steady monthly income without putting their principal at undue risk.

While no investment is totally risk-free – our modus operandi is based on sound risk mitigation principles, i.e. our business model is designed for the best possible investor protection.

CASCO financial always goes the extra mile to ensure that Investors’ and Borrowers’ needs are met.

This is demonstrated throughout the documentary processes and the handling of funds.

The implementation of online features like Verifyle for digital signatures, and an ACH option for Investors to transfer funds illustrate how bureaucracy can be simplified.

As investor funds trickle swiftly into the escrow account, the closing of a new loan happens quickly and interest is accrued without delays. The Deed of Trust is subsequently recorded with the County electronically, and the Borrower gets busy putting the money to work as planned. 

In a healthy environment of collaboration, Borrowers are in an ongoing dialogue in case an impasse prevents a timely monthly interest payment. While these occurrences are rare, the Lender has shown their diplomacy by a clear protocol: Late fees are assessed per contract and, these are shared 50/50 with the Investor when applied. This is a part of cultivating longer-term relationships, where solutions are offered to satisfy the needs of all parties involved. The above is an important aspect of CASCO financial’s recipe for success.

CASCO financial funded Properties represent real value,
vetted and selected to withstand periodical market fluctuations